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2022 DNP Notifications

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  • 2022 DNP Notifications

    J Berry Jarrett Industries All versions - 5/17/22
    J Haley Leaf Filters All versions - 5/17/22
    R Stenhouse Jr Sunny D All versions - 5/17/22
    T Bayne Devotion Nutrition All versions - 5/17/22
    B Wallace Xfinity Dr Pepper All Versions - 5/17/22
    T Dillon Goettl Plumbing All Versions - 5/17/22
    B Wallace Columbia CC and LQ ELITE - 5/17/22
    A Hill Bennett Xfinity 1:24 ARC - 5/17/22
    J Wood ChevyLiners All Versions - 5/17/22
    S Mayer Accelerate Throwback All versions - 5/17/22
    H Burton Freightliner All Versions - 5/17/22
    T Dillon Gain All versions - 5/17/22
    C Briscoe HighPoint - All Versions - 5/17/22
    K Busch Embrace Homes All versions - 5/17/22
    B Keselowski Socios Throwback All versions - 5/17/22
    C Buescher Socios Throwback All versions - 5/17/22
    B Wallace Root Insurance All versions - 5/17/22
    B Wallace Dr Pepper CC and LQ ELITE - 4/14/22
    C Buescher Castrol All Versions - 4/14/22
    T Dillon Allegiant All versions - 4/8/22
    T Gilliland First Phase ELITE - 4/8/22
    J Logano AAA CC ARC - 4/8/22
    M Snyder Taxslayer CC ARC and 1:64 - 4/8/22
    B Wallace Dr Pepper Cream Soda All Versions - 4/8/22
    K Larson Valvoline Raw ELITE - 4/8/22
    R Chastain Advent Health CC ARC - 4/8/22
    L Cassill Voyager CC ARC - 4/8/22
    A Hill Daytona Win All versions - 4/8/22 UPDATE 1:24 has met MOQ. 1:64 is the only DNP
    G Enfinger Champion Truck All versions - 4/8/22
    C Custer Production Alliance All versions - 4/8/22
    S Mayer Accelerate Talent Solutions All Versions - 4/4/22
    J Berry PUBG Mobile All Versions - 4/4/22
    D Hamlin FedEx Freight All Versions - 4/4/22
    D Hamlin FedEx Office All Versions - 4/4/22
    A Almirola Mobil 1 All Versions - 4/4/22
    R Blaney Advance Auto Parts CC and LQ ELITE - 3/31/22
    W Byron Valvoline LQ ELITE and CC ARC - 3/31/22
    H Burton Dex Imaing CC AND LQ ELITE - 3/31/22
    J Logano Shell CC and LQ ELITE - 3/31/22
    K Larson Valvoline RW ELITE - 3/31/22
    R Blaney Wurth CC and LQ ELITE and CC ARC- 3/31/22
    A Cindric AutoTrader ELITE, CC and LQ ELITE - 3/25/22
    K Harvick Rheem CC, LQ and GC ELITE - 3/22/22
    D Suarez K1 Speed Test Car ELITE only - 3/22/22
    T Reddick 3CHI Color Chrome ARC - 3/22/22
    C Lajoie Schulter ELITE - 3/22/22
    C Lajoie Built Bar All Versions - 3/21/22
    C Bell Sirius XM All Versions - 3/21/22
    J Logano AutoTrader ELITE, CC and LQ ELITE and CC ARC- 3/21/22
    W Byron Axalta CC and LQ ELITE and CC ARC - 3/15/22
    J Allgaier Brandt CC ARC - 3/11/22
    M Paludo Brandt CC ARC - 3/11/22
    M McDowell Loves All Versions - 3/11/22
    C Elliott Unifirst CC ELITE - 3/10/22
    W Byron Liberty University CC and LQ ELITE - 3/9/22
    K Harvick Mobil 1 CC ELITE - 3/9/22
    H Burton Dex Imaging CC and LQ ELITE and CC ARC - 2/25/22
    C Briscoe Mahindra CC and LQ ELITE, CC ARC - 2/22/22
    A Almirola Smithfield ELITE and CC ARC - 2/11/22
    C Bell Dewalt ELITE and CC ARC 2/1/22
    K Busch Int Batt. Color Chrome ARC (could not be produced) 1/21/22
    J Allgaier Unilever Military CC ARC - 1/14/22
    H Burton Motorcraft CC and LQ ELITE - 1/14/22
    HMS Test Car CC ELITE - 1/14/22
    A Cindric Menards and Discount Tire CC and LQ ELITE and Discount Tire CC ARC - 1/13/22
    E Jones Focus Factor CC ELITE and CC ARC - 1/11/22
    J Berry Harrisons USA CC ARC - 11/23/21