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Attention All Users!

Now that the forum has been up for some time we will be going through and deleting users whose emails do not match customer accounts in our database. If you registered with an email not related to your Lionel Racing account it will be deleted.  You can register again with your correct email or you may update your email in our records by contacting the call center.  Please not this will be happening over the next several days.  
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This is a new forum. All members must register a new account. Be sure to clear your cache and cookies to clear your computer of any issues or any past site caching. Please read the registration email you receive when signing up and follow the instructions. Check your junk/spam folder if you do not see one in your mailbox. You cannot post to the forum until this is complete.

Forum Mantra..."TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WISH TO BE TREATED" keyboard warriors not needed. Be respectful of forum admin and others at all times. Your account could be banned at anytime at Lionel Racing Admin Discrection.
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Shipping numbers

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  • Shipping numbers

    I used to get an email letting me know my order has been fulfilled and then about a day or so later I would get another email with a shipping number so I could track the package. Here lately I have been getting the email about the order being fulfilled, but nothing with a shipping number. So I am expecting three cars to come in the next next day or so, but I have never received a shipping number email. Today I went in to my account and looked at my order history, the cars show they have shipped, but there is no shipping numbers on the order either. Have you all decided to stop providing that information?

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    No, that should still be coming. You may want to check with the call center to see if those orders have shipped. Thanks!