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Please Read before asking questions.....

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Please Read before asking questions.....

    Please post all new car questions in suggestions. For example - will this car be produced....99% of the time the answer will be "I haven't seen anything at this time". There are times we cannot say much do to NDA's with the teams. We also have to wait on approvals with the teams, sponsors and NASCAR. Honestly so many new paint schemes are released before we even know about them. So share these questions in suggestions. We will reply to suggestions if and when we know about them. A lot of times cars are even waiting on art or approvals but I won't know anything until these steps are done which is normally when it goes online.

    This will save a lot of questions that are bogging up that thread with less then helpful responses.

    This also goes for renders as I put these online when I have time to review or when I am told new images are online. Put in suggestions that maybe you would like to see more. No need for "ASK RCCA" as this is not really asking a question.

    Container report questions and ETA questions...remember these are best guesses. These dates can shift and we post al container reports online as we have them from the factory. All dates are online and match the container reports if they are available. If the container reports are not posted dates online are just phantom dates and estimates based on production timelines and can change at anytime.

    If you are looking online and see an item that says "pre-order" it is not in stock and still in production. If the item says "Add to Cart" it is in stock. Just a few others items that may help.

    Thank you!