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Dirty Mo Media - 2023 Changes

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  • Dirty Mo Media - 2023 Changes

    After the announcement that Hambone will receive his own Podcast Dale Jr stopped by his Dirty Mo Live set and said that DJD will be split into multiple release in a week.

    DJD changes to 3 parts
    1. Dirty Air (Reflect on the weekend, and news of the sport) - Tuesdays
    2. Guest Segment each week - Wednesdays
    3. Wild Card for now. Several topics mentioned by Mike and Dale

    Denny Hamlin - New Podcast called 'Actions Detrimental'.
    - Debuts Feb 6th after the Clash.

    Pretty excited for these changes as throughout the week I consume a ton of NASCAR News through the various podcast of Dirty Mo Media, Stacking Pennies, NASCAR on NBC (Nate Ryan) and The Teardown from The Athletic. A lot of first heards from them on rumors and moves in the industry.

  • #2
    Perfect name for a Denny podcast!
    His frickin stupid mistakes are detrimental to him ever winning a cup, haha!


    • #3
      I liked the DJD as one long show, kind of disappointed with the format change.


      • #4
        I like breaking up the show. I can listen to the current events parts of the show during the season then catch up on guest interviews after I catch up on the Hollywood Godfather podcast


        • #5
          Going to put the SiriusXM gang out of work at this


          • SRT392
            SRT392 commented
            Editing a comment
            I wouldn't be upset. I had to quit listening to Moody cuz all I hear is him clicking his gd pen and his chair creaking under the gigantic load he calls an ass.
            No animosity, just can't take the racket.

        • #6
          The DJD had become to big I think. So breaking it up was becoming necessary in order to release it in a timely manner. Mike Davis said they are trying to have a daily show as the goal up to each race weekend. So thats nearly there. DBC on Monday, DJD Dirty Air Tues, DJD Guest Wed, DJD Other Thursday.


          • #7
            I'm here for the changes. Sometimes I'm not interested in the guest segment and Only want to listen to ask JR or his comments about the race so I think this is pretty great. Gives me something to listen to each day.

            Not to mention how excited I am about Denny having a podcast. He's one of the only honest and transparent drivers in the sport willing to call out NASCAR, owners, drivers, and even himself. Should be fun!