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Autographed jimmie johnson/chase elliott passing the torch 2020 raced version 1:24

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    I cancelled five Elites from HMS and just went on ebay and picked them up. One car shipped out and it never got delivered and the others I got tired of waiting for them to ship after they they were listed on ebay and even Lionel had them in stock. I told them their operations must be out of India.


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      Originally posted by andyw3kn View Post
      New business venture: take over the HMS e-store.
      Even better idea, shut down HMS


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        Originally posted by Biggums7 View Post

        Even better idea, shut down KBM
        I unequivocally agree. lol.
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          Originally posted by Alan Harkleroad View Post
          I canceled mine a while ago for a full refund. Slightly after the 1 year mark. This is part of the reason I now pre-order no auto elite items from HMS. Its not a priority to HMS to make sure their fans and collectors get the merchandise in a timely fashion. I would rather keep my money, pay the markup if i have to when they come out and be able to be picky to make sure the auto's are nice and clean and damage free.
          That's a good move, they've been holding onto peoples money & made interest on it for over 1 year and 6 months.

          Like kwobubba said:

          Originally posted by kwobubba
          Those things have sat there so long, the wraps are probably peeling already.
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            Originally posted by Buzz View Post
            Love HMS out on the track, but their merch store is a fu*king joke (aka Music Today, why are they the vendor HMS goes through?). Flat up once got an email from them once about an item that hadn’t shipped yet and the response basically said they would ship the item when it’s convenient for them to ship it. Thankfully they let me cancel that item that hadn’t shipped 2 1/2 weeks since I bought it. Such a shame too as I see the HMS store offers all these Auto’d cars but if takes over a year to get them it’s too much of a hassle and feels like your getting conned as a consumer.

            Feel bad for the people who just wanted their auto JJ/CE set from the JJ Store (dumb Music Today AGAIN) only for them to not give a rats ass about their customers who spent nearly $500 on these cars. At least the CE Store shipped out their sets based on some replies earlier so there’s at least some good news.
            More like close to $550

            Originally posted by Empire Racing View Post
            J.J.'s Store: $500.00 + tax ($33.28) + shipping ($12.05) = grand total $545.33
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            • Buzz
              Buzz commented
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              Can't forget about those tax and shipping fees lol even worse at $550 such an absurd joke this has even happened

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            This is a big deal with these exclusives-- either buy them from a store that has absolutely horrible customer service and hope you get them, or miss out. It's a shame that these exclusives cannot all be brought under the Lionel umbrella; at least that would address accessibility.

            I had a similar issue with years ago and will no longer use them. It took multiple phone calls after numerous other people had received their item for them to realize I had even placed the order. The only other option I would have had was Ebay, and it was an exclusive autographed Dale Jr. car.