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Sneak peek at 2022 diecast

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  • Sneak peek at 2022 diecast

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CE49681C-6006-4FB7-AF41-E999108CD30D.png
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Name:	916713E3-49E9-4287-8D19-BB595349434D.png
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Name:	7412F09E-A6B2-4996-B49D-6220889757B9.png
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    They look nice


    • #3
      Interesting too that they are going back to the rear camera on the roof if the images are correct,


      • LGBlues19
        LGBlues19 commented
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        It might be for the camera that acts as the rear view mirror. Probably would give a better view being mounted high instead of mounted on the tv panel . Wonder if tv coverage will be able to tap into that view as well or if tnere would be a separate camera for that

      • Elliott249
        Elliott249 commented
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        With all the technology we have I wouldn't see why not. Would have that old feel the Arca cars used to have with both cameras on the roof.

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      Check this out....Interview w/ Lionel's Howard Hitchcock......He shows off the Prototypes of all 3 makes in 1/24 .....Arc & Elite differences/Changes too... Plus 1/64's of all 3 makes..🙂👍
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      • Logano2022
        Logano2022 commented
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        Thanks for sharing, that was a really interesting watch.

      • raceman5000
        raceman5000 commented
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        Agreed, I especially like that he took the time to explain the various delay issues they are having. Hopefully this will curb some of the complaining as many of the delays are not Lionel's fault. Its just the nature of the world we live in at the moment.

      • MatthewKB118
        MatthewKB118 commented
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        Everyone should watch it, it’s very informative of the challenges Lionel has faced and it’s a cool watch

    • #5
      The rear windows on the Ford look very inaccurate


      • #6
        They look great


        • #7
          Also, not sure if anyone caught it but Howard mentioned that there will be a collectors version (diecast chassis) for the 1:64s in limited quantities. So it appears that we will get those from Circle B next year once again!


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            Originally posted by WickedFan View Post
            Also, not sure if anyone caught it but Howard mentioned that there will be a collectors version (diecast chassis) for the 1:64s in limited quantities. So it appears that we will get those from Circle B next year once again!
            I would be more inclined to buy one of those if it was on the merchandise hauler. I don't pre-order a lot of 1/64th but do typically impulse buy several at the track

            I especially wouldn't order .many at all if shipping remains the way it is. Just out of principal I dislike paying as much as shipping is on a sine things. 1/64th when shipping is charged is probably going to be more than the car if things keep up like they are lately. Hopefully things change with the labor force and issues with containers to drive shipping back closer to where it was. Groundpoindin sent out an email that the containers used to be about 7 grand and are now about 24 grand


            • #9
              Dr.Diecast even said the 1:64s will have the same CAB and WINDOWS on all three brands, just like the Trucks having 1 mold.


              • #10
                If the tires set level and the wraps don’t start bubbling and peeling after a couple years on display, I’ll be happy.


                • #11
                  The 1st is the Arc and the 2nd is a elite with the undercarriage exposed of the new next gen die cast

                  it look cool 😎


                  • Empire Racing
                    Empire Racing commented
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                    The under wing, and air deflector.

                • #12
                  I’m not knocking the ARC collector but the ARC continues to look cheap 🤦‍♂️


                  • #13
                    Looks as if the cars are lowered to the wheels like they’re supposed to be, and the front valance is accurately lower.


                    • #14
                      Will be neat pieces for sure. Hope they get the paint issues fixed.


                      • #15
                        Why does the lower valance stop before the front fender looks weird?